Hello, Welcome

Hello everyone. Welcome to my Substack. I am very excited to be joining this platform for more expanded thoughts on the crazy & always entertaining world of Mixed Martial Arts. First off let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Jason Hagholm and I have been a fan of MMA since I accidentally rented UFC 3 on VHS from my local Video Store. I also am the Play-by-Play voice of BTC Fight Promotions Ontario Canada’s top MMA Promotion. I love this sport. I love the people involved the fighters who risk their lives for our entertainment and can’t wait to give my expanded thoughts on the sport.

I have always wanted to start writing. It’s something that a member of the media I have always known I should do but I was always intimidated by the amount of work that goes into putting my thoughts down in the written form. I always found I could be a different person on-air broadcasting as being in front of a microphone doesn’t scare me but the writing was always something that I was afraid of. But that was then this is now as I’m starting to fall in love with writing and will give you all some of my fresh unfiltered thoughts for the sport I love on this great platform in Substack. So please subscribe and enjoy this new journey in my career.